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Craft beer lovers in and around Richardson were given reason to celebrate March 24 when the city granted Four Bullets Brewery a special permit, allowing them to move forward with plans to have brews in the market by the end of this year. A 2,600-square-foot warehouse at 640 N. Interurban Street (a short walk from the Arapaho DART station) has been secured leaving the TABC’s approval of their application the only remaining hurdle for production to begin.,,,,

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Liquid bread. Brewski. Amber nectar. Suds. No matter what you call it, today’s beer industry is in the midst of a renaissance.
With the burgeoning craft beer industry across the country, it’s exciting to be able to embrace the effort locally—at last! Changes in state laws finally made Texas an attractive site for craft brewers and we are certainly bearing witness to that regionally.

Few things compliment a meal quite like a well crafted beer. And thanks to a resurgence of the art of brewing, North Texans have never had more to choose from. In recent years Collin County residents have been fortunate enough to see nearly a dozen breweries pop up, offering everything from fruity ales to seasonal stouts.  The process of creating a great brew is a complicated combination of art and science. But thankfully, there are more and more passionate craftsman stepping up to the challenge....

Four Bullets Brewery is the realization of a dream for two dedicated home brewers who have a passion for beer. Located off Arapaho between 75 and Greenville Four Bullets has created four beers to launch with and has opened its doors to the public.,,,

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Richardson Food Truck Park

Drivers won’t see it from the highway. They won’t spy it from any major street. But hidden in the heart of Richardson’s Interurban district, the 2-month-old Richardson Food Truck Park has attracted a following that city officials hope can breathe new life into the old, historically industrial neighborhood....

It’s finally happened! Craft beer drinkers of Richardson, rejoice! Richardson’s very own first craft brewery, Four Bullets Brewery, is open for business and they mean business.Whether you’re a serious craft beer aficionado or just want a fun and interesting place to spend a Saturday afternoon, Four Bullets is the place for you....

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Within the first minute of his guided tour, brewmaster and co-founder Andrew Smeeton states what may already be obvious to anyone walking through the door; Richardson's new Four Bullets Brewery is the smallest production operation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area....

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Jeff Douglas leans back in one of the nicer chairs in his tiny brewery, observing about a dozen guests mingle in what is essentially an open, repurposed garage.
Above them, a small Texas state flag hangs from the ceiling. So does a chain of pennant-shaped Union Jacks, hinting at the English heritage of Douglas’ business partner, Andrew Smeeton....

Four Bullets Brewery’s Royal Flush Red Ale – possibly the best way for a light-beer-drinker to begin to join the ranks of craft-ale connoisseurs.

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