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One of the most popular reasons to buy a motorized skateboard is for commuting purposes. With so many benefits to the user as well as the environment, electric skateboards have become more and more popular nowadays.

With the non-decreasing impact of pollution on our life, many ideas have been proposed to improve the situation and one of them is the electric skateboard. E-skateboard is even said to be the futuristic means of e-transportation by many specialists since the high-end technologies are used in producing these boards.

With the advantage of saving your body’s energy, riding an electric skateboard would help you to avoid traffic jams during rush hours and reduce the travel time in big cities.

Below are the top 6 reasons to purchase an electric skateboard:

Traffic and time: an average person spends more than 100 hours traveling by cars every year and most of them in rush hours. Hence, an e-board is much faster than the others.

Speed: nowadays, a motorized board can reach 20 miles per hour, which is pretty fast for a compact and convenient design

Cost: alone on gasoline, researches has shown that each year you can save up to 1500 dollars on petrol

Metal wellness: as well as physical exercises while skating, your mental health is proved to be improved by traveling by e-board regularly

Hills: now you don’t need to worry about steep hills since with a powerful motor, going up a hill would be easier than ever. Also, with different types of technology used in braking, your riding will be safer than braking by foot as usual.

Everyone is doing it: there are more than 16 million electric skaters only in the USA

With all the advantages that an electric skateboard can provide, you should head to a local store to get yourself a brand new one for exploring. You can check out our website named eSkateBuddy for more information about this sport.

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