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Do You Know All Of These Laser Level Brands?

If you are looking for an inexpensive laser level for hands-free calling, this Black + Decker option is an excellent choice. It is a short line laser that allows you to hang pictures, install curtain rails conveniently, and much more. Overall, it's the handy little and best laser level for deck building to use at home.

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The Black + Decker laser levels rotate 360 degrees to help you tackle various projects. It also features two large, backlit bubble glasses for greater accuracy and visibility. In general, the red beam is strong enough to ensure excellent visibility indoors. Together with the battery, you receive a two-year guarantee.

This tool has a design flaw. It comes with a nail on the back of the box designed to hold it to the wall. However, the pin pokes an unnecessary hole in the wall, so you'll have to remove it and add a strap or tape. Don't forget that this is an inexpensive device that may not be suitable for more demanding applications.

This is a versatile laser level with a 360-degree horizontal line and two dotted points. This tool has two ultra-bright green rays and has proven to be ideal for electrical projects, plumbing projects, and many other projects.

Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level

With an accuracy for both the street and the point, the laser level was found to be quite useful. In addition to the green beam, it also has a power-saving pulse mode that extends the total range up to 180 feet. You can choose between self-leveling or manual leveling, depending on the project. This tool is very accurate and reliable in both modes.

It is important to mention a solid construction. The tool is rated IP54, which means it is waterproof and dustproof. This best laser level also offers mounting threads for easy mounting on a tripod and a carrying case for added security.

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The only thing to consider about this laser level is that it is not bright enough for outdoor use. Other possible problems are mainly related to the design of the accessories that come with it. The magnetic stand is not very reliable and may not hold straight.


Here is another Black + Decker product that deserves your attention. It is a laser with an automatic leveling and rivet sensor that provides accurate measurements and detects wood, metal, and spinal cord. You will find it very useful when working on home and lighting projects.

This tool features BullsEye auto-leveling technology that makes hanging and mounting projects easy. Users also love the laser level with an LCD for reading results and an overall intuitive design. The scope of delivery also includes an accessory and a two-year guarantee.

However, if you need a tool for large projects, this might not be a perfect option. While this tool is precise for hanging photos and doing other small chores around the house, it can vary slightly in large areas. Another potential problem is the included case, which is quite thin and has questionable durability. So, this best laser level for the money gets more pros than cons.

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Advice for you once you use a laser level

  • Do not point the laser from the tool at other people's eyes. While it is unlikely to cause permanent damage, in some cases, it can damage your retina.

  • The type of laser level you need depends on the kind of work you are doing and whether you are working indoors or outdoors. For small projects and home improvement, you don't need an expensive industrial laser level.

  • Over time, your laser level may need to be recalibrated. You should check the accuracy of your laser level from time to time to make sure it works at full capacity.


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