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USB Overdrive review: A quick fix for your Mac’s mouse troubles

You can connect a seemingly endless number of input devices to your Mac. Only a limited number of drivers are detected and they work fine with the USB drivers that come with macOS. In some cases, required third-party drivers have not been updated for years or more. So can be problems with using free pdf scanner. In other cases, they still won't give you the tone or quality you want. USB Overdrive is suitable for this.

Alessandro Levi Montalcini has been developing this missing song for Mac OS X and macOS since 1999, allowing you to bring almost any USB device to your Mac and teach it to dance to the songs you play.

When you install USB Overdrive and grant it permission through the General tab of the Security and Privacy window, it manages the settings for all input devices currently connected to your Mac or added later. You can see a list of your managed devices on the Status tab.

In the settings menu, you can control the settings of a whole category of devices by default: mouse, keyboard, gamepad, etc. If you want to set the middle mouse button to mute and unmute, all apps will be selected from the top. , click the middle mouse button and it will be selected from the input menu. You can also click to select it. From the Actions pop-up menu on the right, select System Controls, and then perform the actions under Mute. The Settings menu also allows you to adjust mouse behavior such as scroll speed and acceleration, and more options than Apple provides. This surprised me when I installed it recently, as the default USB Overdrive settings are much more dynamic than mine. To confirm previous selections or adjust the program settings to your needs, simply select Speed​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​a from the macOS menu.

I have noticed that every reasonably advanced trackball or mouse on the market requires USB acceleration unless the device manufacturer's drivers are completely up to date. Apple's often trivial security changes and improvements in the latest versions of macOS have left many newer Macs locked out until new drivers are released or discontinued. Installing USB Overdrive restores all lost functionality and increases flexibility.

The application bears traces of its ancient origins. If you want to limit an action to a single device or application (if you use InDesign to enhance it, like the Logitech trackball), adding it doesn't require a simple click. The limited functionality requires you to select a new duplicate configuration and then select to limit the configuration instead of selecting the configuration entry window. Future annealing can improve this process.

Any Mac utility that offers at least some life recovery for keyboard input, USB Overdrive is no exception. You can customize function keys and set other buttons to control USB replacement and assign them to any appropriate function.

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