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- Our Beginning –


Jeff and I started brewing together in my kitchen in the early 2000’s after Jeff’s wife Theresa bought him a home brew kit for Christmas and he needed help.  I had been homebrewing since the mid 1980’s and brewed to satisfy my own taste which were primarily English style ales from my homeland.  That first beer together was a very simple can extract kit and although the beer was good, we knew we could do better.  We quickly moved on to full grain brewing and became more ambitious with the beers we tried to create. Over time, we decided to go bigger and designed our own brewing system which is a scaled down commercial system.  The beer was greatly improved using the new system and after a few years of brewing and developing recipes, we decided we should take this to the next level - test the public and possibly go commercial.




- Our name –


The name of the brewery came one night while Jeff was playing poker and drinking one of our beers. Jeff has been a poker fan for many years and mostly Texas Hold em’ where the Ace is referred to as a bullet and he thought hey, what’s better than Four Aces….? So “Four Bullets” became the name for the brewery.  All our beers names also come from a poker/casino theme.











- Our Journey –


We joined the North Texas Home Brewers Association to compare our beers and get opinions from beer enthusiasts who could sample our collection and give their honest feedback. We worked with them as well as volunteering for several of the new breweries that had recently opened in North Texas. Gaining knowledge, but also realizing this is something we can do.  


We entered our beer and were involved in many samplings and tasting events in the DFW area including;


Deep Ellum Breweries - Labor of Love (2 years)

Bluebonnet National Brew Off (2 years)

City of Richardson’s Corporate Challenge Event

Club Calypso cigar and beer tastings

Renegade Cigar taster and beer samplings


The feedback was very favorable and at that point we decided to take our product to the public. 











- Our Beers –


At the start, we focused mostly on English ales and created Black Jack Brown which was our first specifically for the brewery.  We then created Royal Flush Red and Two Pairs Pale which were the three beers we opened with.  We later added What Are the Odds keeping just four taps.  With the explosion of the craft beer scene, we realized we needed to branch out and satisfy the taste of the ever-growing craft beer drinker. We now make an array of beers to meet all tastes.

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